Fiftieth Avenue NW Substation Substation

Client Confidential
Completion Date 2021
Location Iowa
Completed by The L.E. Myers Co.

L.E. Myers performed all the above-grade construction and procured materials for this project, which included building a greenfield 161kV substation, relocating nearly one mile of 345kV transmission live, constructing three new 161kV transmission lines totaling 5.4 miles, and relocating an additional half mile of 161kV line.

At the substation, crews installed the major electrical equipment, including 161kV circuit breakers, motor- and manually operated switches, capacitor voltage transformers, and potential and current transformers.

The transmission lines were a mix of steel poles on drilled pier foundations, direct embedded steel, and wood poles. The conductor installed included T2-556 ACSR, bundle 795 ACSR, and optical ground wire (OPGW). The substation included four line terminals, seven circuit breakers, 17 switches, 1,600 feet of 4-inch bus and 48,000 feet of control cable.

Delivered under an engineering-procure-construct (EPC) contract, the project was designed to accommodate industrial expansion in the greater Des Moines metro area. Because of residential and commercial expansion, the new facility is one of multiple new substations that will be built to meet this demand.