Skilled Labor ResourcesScaling labor resources to match project needs

Our self-contained workforce streamlines efficiencies 

As a subsidiary of MYR Group Inc., L.E. Myers can tap into the resources and expertise of thousands of employees throughout the U.S. and Canada to complete projects of any magnitude. MYR Group subsidiaries and district offices include a wide array of seasoned industry experts, ranging from corporate, management, administrative, and field personnel. We often collaborate to share expertise, insights, and lessons learned on projects and can share and scale personnel resources as needed. 

Our project teams consist of skilled labor resources that have extensive training and experience working in their field of expertise.  Our successful performance on projects allows us to provide similar best practices, knowledge of local/regional conditions and topography, and cohesive teams who have worked together on past projects. These valuable attributes translate to exceptional quality, efficiency, communication, and safety. 

At L.E. Myers, our workforce is at the center of all we do – we are one cohesive team. We value diversity because it makes us stronger, and we promote a safe workplace where all team members are valued and given the appropriate tools and training to be successful. 

Strong Labor-Management Partnerships 

L.E. Myers is a proud signatory contractor to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). We actively support and enjoy a strong relationship with the local union and have always been able to count on them for highly skilled workers to add to our own labor pool. Even during labor shortages, with their help, we constantly demonstrate our capacity to meet labor demands quickly.  

Additionally, we are involved around the nation with local unions and their Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees (JATC). We value and support our relationships at all levels and actively participate on JATC committees and in labor negotiations nationwide. Our recruitment efforts, in collaboration with JATCs, extend to high school students, military personnel, and rural populations. Because the availability of skilled labor is so critical to our industry, we value and continuously support the future of our electrical construction labor unions.